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Consider your Neckline

We've all stood in front of a mirror before stepping out, wondering if the look is "complete" - should I wear a necklace? Which one? How much jewelry is too much? Either you are looking to elevate an effortless style or accentuate your special occasion outfit, matching the right necklace might feel tricky.

To help you step out with confidence, we're sharing a few tips to help you discover the ideal necklaces for your go-to styles and occasions.

Most of our necklaces come in versatile 18 inches, and all of them with adjustable silicon balls. With the adjustable chain, you can wear your Lucea necklace at any length. Wear it as a short choker - or let it drape down your necklace.

V-Neck, Scoop Neck or Boat Neck

Solitaire pendants always add a nice polish to U-or V-neck top. Any pendant style necklace complements these styles nicely, naturally highlighting the neck and drawing attention to the face. View our Hadid Solitaire styles or Lorde tassel pendant perfect for adding effortless sophistication. 


With Spaghetti Strap or Strapless

For the occasion where you need to make an entrance -- thin straps or strapless neckline works as a blank canvas to embellish with jewelry. We recommend a dramatic waterfall styling with layered pieces. View our statement station necklaces the Georgia.


With Open-Collar Blouse

The classic collared shirts can't go wrong. Short (14-16 inches) choker styles by themselves or layered with collar-length necklaces create a sophisticated look. All of our necklaces come with an adjustable chain so you can style your piece in variety of lengths. Discover the Lessing, our signature fringe styles that match perfectly with effortless shirts and blouses.


With Turtleneck

A turtleneck works as a blank canvas to add some interest to the otherwise plain look. Experiment with a few layers of dainty chains. They frame the neck area to draw attention toward your face. We also recommend matching the pendant style necklace. The turtleneck works as a great neutral background to make the diamonds really pop. View our Morrison pendant style necklaces or Astell station necklaces.


High neckline

Tops with high or embellished neckline may clash with additional styling. In this case, keep the focus on the earrings. You can easily add dramatic flair with stunning drop styles like the Deren.

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