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ARESA New York

For the past few seasons, the layered look mixing various lengths and styles has become a runway staple. Creating the right combination may seem daunting, but it's all about trying things out and having fun - there can be no wrong move here. Here are a few tips to inspire your styling.


Most of our necklaces come in versatile 18 inches, and all of them with adjustable silicon balls. With the adjustable chain, you can wear your Lucea necklace at any length. Wear it as a short choker - or let it drape down your neck.



Add an opera chain

Create a dramatic look with zero effort. Simply add a long chain to your usual stack of choker and collar length necklaces.

Try it with a silk slip dress for that vintage charm, or with a linen blazer to polish your daytime look. The stunning 30 inch Lessing is the essential foundation for any layering.


Vary the lengths

Create your own stack starting with a closely fitting choker, collarbone skimming chain, and a more relaxed 18 inch. All of our necklaces are adjustable so you can style them in any lengths. 

The more the better! Even with the most casual outfit, the layered dainty necklaces will give you that Je ne sais quoi cool. Our Astell styles will be your everyday go-to addition for any layered look.



Matching delicate pieces together create the illusion of wearing a much more elaborate piece. Style a solitaire with a trio or a quintet necklace to showcase your existing jewelry in a new way. 


More is more

Sometimes, it's ok to go all out. After all, there is no such thing as too many diamonds. Discover our Lovelace styles, our statement combinations of diamond shapes and styles. Dare to experiment to get that "dripping-in-diamonds" look.



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